23 Sep 2022

23 Sep 2022 | Athen

23rd Symposium of the Hellenic Society of Odontostomatological Research. Advances in Augmentation

Podium lecture 13:30-15:00

Grafting procedures in implant dentistry: Autografts, Alternatives and Creative Innovations

One of the most challenging procedures in implantology is the predictable and safe regeneration of lateral and vertical bone defects. Besides autogenous bone as the golden standard for jaw augmentation procedures, different biomaterials such as bone substitutes and membranes have shown predictable results. Hereby, quality of the recipient site, the osteogenous potential of the graft, graft immobilization and transmembraneous angiogenesis of the barrier are affecting the predictability of the regeneration outcome. Newer techniques are focussing on biologisation, graft immobilization and ease of clinical application. Hence, the use of modern allografts allows for modification of well-established techniques such as block- and shell technique.  Combinations of bovine bone particles with hyaluronic acid furtherly increase the healing properties. They represent additional tools to fulfil the increasing expectations of the modern patient.

Workshop 16.00-18.00
Next generation GBR: Modified block and shell technique and hyaluronic-acid stabilized bovine bone grafts

The range of biomaterials for jaw defect augmentation have been expanded tremendously within the last decade. Main topics were longer lasting pericardium membranes for complete graft regeneration and transmembraneous angiogenesis, the introduction of biphasic synthetic materials for fast and stable bone remodeling, and the increased use of allografts in different modifications to enhance biology, but also ease of clinical use and stability aspects. Modified shell technique using cortical allograft plates allows for easy and standardized stabilization of particular autograft and allograft rehabilitation. Char-side trimmed allograft blocks are able to rehabilitate larger defect sites. Their use might be even more easy after CAD-CAM prefabrication by the industry.
Latest, combination of bovine bone substitute material with hyaluronic acid increases healing and handling properties supporting the regeneration outcome.