25 Apr 2019

25 Apr 2019 | Barcelona

360° World of Regeneration

New possibilities in hard and soft tissue management around dental Implants

Corporate Forum at the Osteology Symposium

Thursday, 25. April: 13:45 – 14:15

Abstract: Implant dentistry reached predictable results in many different conditions and represents actually a first choice solution in many cases. Despite general good outcomes, during the last years emerge a great number of possible complications. Many complications are represented by mechanical and prosthetic adverse events, but esthetic and biologic complication are a consistent group.
In the last decades clinicians received from scientific papers the evidence that implants require not only a sufficient volume of bone, but also a sufficient amount stable keratinized soft tissue to ensure survival and success in medium and long terms.

Speaker: Massimo Frosecchi

Language: English

Fee: 720 € incl. VAT

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