Allograft vs. xenograft in guided bone regeneration: a biology-based decision making – WEBINAR

Placing dental implants within the ideal prosthetic envelop will usually require bone grafting to allow for long-term success. While using autogenous bone can be considered the golden standard, using processed bone biomaterial can achieve comparable results at fraction of time and trauma to pour implant patients. However, dentists have to choose the suitable bone biomaterial based on sound biology and evidence based understanding as one size does not fit all. This webinar is designed to present various implant clinical cases requiring bone management and the speaker will present the biology based decision making in choosing the suitable bone material depending on the specific indication for that bone defect. The speaker will also present various clinical tips and hints for managing implants in the aesthetic zone as well as his adopted techniques for predictable and successful guided bone regeneration such as layering technique, umbrella technique and membrane stabilisation.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding various classification of bony defects
  • Decision making for predictable simultaneous guided bone regeneration vs staged approach
  • Appreciating the up-to-date evidence on the behaviour of various bone biomaterials
  • Understanding the concept: one size does not fit all when it comes the selection of to guided bone regeneration materials and techniques

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