CLINICAL CASE     |   08/2022

Maxillary sinus cyst removal using the Crocodile Technique and subsequent lateral sinus lift with cerabone®, maxgraft® and Jason® membrane

Dr. Cristian Scognamiglio, Dr. Alessandro Perucchi

After extraction of a severely compromised tooth 25, a maxillary sinus cyst with a size of 19 mm had to be removed before implantation and sinus floor elevation. For removal, a lateral sinus window was prepared, and the cystic content was aspirated through the membrane. The cyst was then retrieved through a cut in the Schneiderian membrane according to the Crocodile Technique. After suturing the perforation, the sinus membrane was protected with Jason® membrane which is a native pericardium membrane with long barrier function. Eight months later, sinus lift and implantation were successfully performed.

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