Guided Bone Regeneration revisited – New horizons through innovative technology and latest materials – WEBINAR

Önder Solakoglu

This webinar will present an overview of conventional techniques for guided bone regeneration in dental implantology as well as provide an update in new materials and latest technologies like CAD/CAM designed individualized block grafts and innovative methods in tissue engineering.

The incorporation of those techniques will be beneficial for the prosthodontist, the surgeon, and of course the patient.


The gold standard for GBR procedures in the Severely atrophic alveolar ridge prior to implant placement still is the use of an autogenous block graft. This requires harvesting of the block graft at the donor site, the preparation of the recipient site as well as the chair-side adaptation of the bone block. This is traumatic for the patient, time consuming, and involves multiple riscs.

The use of allogenic block grafts is a widely used and clinically proven alternative in order to reduce patient trauma and treatment time. However, the use of a prefabricated, individualized allogenic block graft represents the logical progression of this technique.

Using a commercially available 3D planning software, the CT/DVT data (dicom files) can be used to individually design the shape and volume of the needed bone block, which is milled, sterilized and mailed to the individual practitioner.


  • Overview of different techniques and indications for Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
  • Treatment of the severely atrophic alveolar ridge in the maxilla and mandible
  • Soft tissue management in order to reach and maintain primary closure
  • Planning of an individual patient case using a 3D Planning software
  • Indication for particulate bone grafting materials o Advantages and disadvantages of Xenograft and Allograft materials
  • Description of the fabricating process of an Individually designed allogenic block graft
  • Presentation of multiple patient cases using different techniques for GBR with photo and video documentation

Learning Objectives:

The participant will learn about indication and contraindication of different techniques for GBR in implant dentistry. This „conventional“ technique will be compared to the use of an individually designed and prefabricated allogenic block graft.