Tel Aviv

17 Jan – 18 Jan 2019

17 Jan – 18 Jan 2019 | Tel Aviv

IAOI (Israel Association of Oral Implantology)

Lecture: Socket Preservation: A must or a passing trend? – A critical approach to the different techniques (Part 1 & Part 2)

10:00-10:45: Lecture Titel – Part 1
14:00- 14:45: Lecture Titel – Part 2

Managing extraction sockets in the anterior maxilla is still a problem that dentists are facing on everyday basis. Many techniques on how to counteract a possible resorption of the alveolus are known. Some of these may require specific clinical skills. Others may require a longer period of treatment. Cell occlusive membranes alone or in combination with different bone grafting materials have been used extensively to enhance healing of extraction sockets and to prevent ridge collapse prior to placement of dental implants. However, bone grafting may interfere with the self-healing process of the socket which will take longer. The use of a membrane (according to the GBR principle) may require a more sophisticated surgery at the time of extraction as well as  an extended period of healing to obtain proper maturation of the regenerated area.

Workshop: Aesthetic excellence in bone grafting – The ideal biomaterial combination for a specific clinical situation: Horizontal and vertical augmentation

18.01.2019 09:00-13:00

During this course, a detailed technical overview of the botiss portfolio is presented along with a discussion of the scientific/clinical evidence that demonstrates the safety, efficacy and reliability of the botiss biomaterials portfolio. In Particular, Dr. Alfonso Caiazzo will show how the use and versatility of the botiss biomaterials (for example cerabone®, Jason® membrane and collprotect® membrane) can lead to aesthetic excellence in a wide range of clinical situations/indications, including for example GBR. During the workshop, the participants will have the chance to touch & feel and test the botiss biomaterials on models.


Leonardo Hotel Tel Aviv
Zisman Shalom St 14
Ramat Gan, Israel

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