Lateral Ramus Cortical Bone Plate in Alveolar Cleft Osteoplasty with Concomitant Use of Buccal Fat Pad Derived Cells and Autogenous Bone: Phase I Clinical Trial

Khojasteh A, Kheiri L, Behnia H, Tehranchi A, Nazeman P, Nadjmi N, and Soleimani M. Biomed Res Int. 2017; 2017:6560234.

Tissue regeneration has become a promising treatment for craniomaxillofacial bone defects such as alveolar clefts. This study sought to assess the efficacy of lateral ramus cortical plate with buccal fat pad derived mesenchymal stem cells (BFSCs) in treatment of human alveolar cleft defects.


Ten patients with unilateral anterior maxillary cleft met the inclusion criteria and were assigned to three treatment groups. 1) anterior iliac crest (AIC) bone Jason® membrane (AIC group), 2) with lateral ramus cortical bone plate (LRCP) with BFSCs mounted on a natural bovine bone mineral (LRCP+BFSC), and 3) with AIC bone, BFSCs cultured on natural bovine bone mineral, and Jason® membrane (AIC+BFSC).

Results / Conclusion:

2) LRCP+BFSC group demonstrated defect closure and higher amounts of new bone formation but less than 3) AIC+BFSC suggesting that use of BFSCs within LRCP cage and AIC may enhance bone regeneration in alveolar cleft bone defects.

Arash Khojasteh