Kuala Lumpur

29 Mar 2019

29 Mar 2019 | Kuala Lumpur

Next generation GBR: Volume-stable bovine bone grafts and long-lasting pericardium membranes

– Slot at Corporate Forum at the ITI Congress South East Asia

Friday, 29th March: 10:30 – 11:00


One oft the most challenging procedures in implantology is the predictable and safe regeneration of lateral and vertical bone defects. Besides autogenous bone as the gold standard for jaw augmentation procedures, different biomaterials such as bone substitutes and membranes have shown predictable results especially in lateral grafting applications. In contrast to the patient´s own bone, the use of biomaterials is not accompanied by donor site morbidity, leading to high patient acceptance. However, the use of bone substitutes is accompanied by the risk of volume loss, soft tissue ingrowth and incomplete graft regeneration. Bovine bone substitutes have shown excellent volume maintenance and osseoconductive support of bone formation. The use of pericardium-based collagen membranes allows for long barrier function but still maintaining advantages of the native collagen structure such as biocompatibility, tissue integration, nutrition transfer and graft stabilization. However, quality of the recipient site, the osteogenicity of the graft, a transmembraneous angiogenesis of the barrier and the selected healing time are also affecting the predictability of the regeneration outcome.

Participants will learn about:
– differences between bone grafting materials
– principles of Guided Bone Regeneration
– properties of collagen membranes
– graft stabilization and vascularization

Speaker: Daniel Rothamel

Language: English

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