Shell-technique with maxgraft® cortico – SURGERY

– live surgery by Jan Kielhorn

Jan Kielhorn shows the application of maxgraft® cortico in the shell technique in a free-end situation in the atrophic mandible.

He is an oral surgeon and more specifically a specialist for Periodontology (DPG) and Oral Implantology (DGI, DGZI, BDO, BDZI). His specializations are 3D diagnosis, navigated surgery, oral implantology, augmentation, CAD/CAM.

Jan Kielhorn shows in this uncommented live surgery the treatment of an atrophic mandible with the help of maxgraft® cortico in the shell technique. Animation sequences are used to illustrate the step-by-step instructions for the application of the shell technique. The animation sequences are followed by live performance of these steps in the patient. The main steps are trimming, placement and fixation, as well as, adaptation of the edges of maxgraft® cortico. The container, which was created by the strut, was filled with cancellous allograft. The augmented area was covered with a PRF-matrix and final tension-free and saliva-proof wound closure was performed.