The use of mucoderm® in peri-implant soft tissue augmentation procedures and alveolar ridge reconstruction in the aesthetic zone – WEBINAR

Piero Papi

In this webinar, the use of mucoderm® in peri-implant soft tissue augmentation is discussed, highlighting the properties and advantages for application in the aesthetic zone. Different clinical cases from loss of gingival convexity to peri-apical defects are presented with follow-ups of 1 year. Surgical protocols are shown and explained in detail.

mucoderm® is a natural, non-cross-linked procine dermal matrix, consisting of collagen type I and III, strongly resembling the native structure of the human dermis offering a valid alternative in dental surgery.

Dr. Papi is a Research Fellow at the Oral Surgery Unit of the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Sciences, at “Sapienza” University of Rome. Besides his work as Teaching Assistant and Lecturer at the Master Degree course in Oral Implantology, he is completing his PhD focusing on bone and tissue regeneration. He is author of more than 45 publications and proceedings in scientific journals and international congresses and an active EAO and ITI member.