27 Apr 2023

27 Apr 2023 | Barcelona

Evolution of flap designs in the regenerative treatment of intrabony defects: From access flap to entire papilla preservation technique

in the framework of the International Osteology Symposium

Time: 9.00-12.30

Theoretical background

  • Balancing the extent of rather large flap elevation versus preservation of soft tissue integrity with microsurgical access is a challenging circumstance for clinicians in the regenerative treatment of intrabony defects. Also, many factors need to be considered such as surgical flap design, adequate access for root surface decontamination, soft tissue characteristics, aesthetic concerns and morphology of the defect
  • Osseous defects can be treated with conservative or resective periodontal surgery based upon discretion of clinicians, but using biomaterials with periodontal regeneration techniques has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to change the prognosis of periodontitis affected dentition
  • To enhance the wound stability, “EPP” has been introduced recently. This novel surgical approach is designed to provide proper access to deep intrabony defects while preserving the original anatomy and vascular integrity of the defect-associated inter-dental papilla

Hands-on parts – techniques presented

  • This training module comprises two different possibilities of imitating the surgical conditions with pig jaw and silicone model
  • Participants will perform minimally invasive surgical techniques with different papilla incision techniques. To adopt the entire papilla preservation technique in clinical practice, vertical releasing incision and microsurgical suturing techniques will be executed
  • Application of regenerative biomaterials, membrane trimming and stabilization techniques in the treatment of intrabony defects will be highlighted

Models: Pig jaw, Plastic model