Expert Talk

Prof. Aslan, Prof. Aroca and Dr. Stanley about cerabone® plus

The three experts share their enthusiasm about how the application comfort of cerabone® plus improves their daily practice and the treatment of complex bone defects as well as their opinion about the regenerative properties of the hyaluronic acid it contains.

Prof. Serhat Aslan runs a private practice (Izmir, Turkey) limited to periodontics, fixed prosthodontics and implants with focus on microsurgery, soft and hard tissue reconstruction and minimally invasive surgery.
Prof. Sofia Aroca is an expert in the field of Periodontal Plastic Surgery. She is Co-owner of the 26k Center of Clinical Research and Center of Continuing Education (Paris, France).
Dr. Miguel Stanley is founder and the clinical director of the White Clinic (Lisbon, Portugal), focused on state of the art technology, software and materials and a strong sense of ethics and minimal invasiveness.

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