27 Sep 2024

27 Sep 2024 | Oisterwijk

botiss MASTERCLASS | Basic and advanced requirements for reconstructive peri-implant therapy

Managing the dimensions of
hard and soft tissues 

Nowadays, in the era of aesthetics, any treatment must be performed meticulously to maintain a natural tooth or provide successful replacement. Recent developments in the field of regeneration have enabled clinicians to perform minimally invasive, patient-friendly approaches.

Tooth retention procedures involving regenerative periodontal surgeries have been well documented over the last 20 years. Innovative techniques and sophisticated flap designs have improved the clinical outcomes and decreased patient morbidity.

However, extraction is inevitable in certain clinical conditions and then the best alternative for tooth replacement is dental implant placement. When natural dentition is combined with dental implants, treatment modalities become more complex due to anatomical differences. Optimal blood supply, gentle handling of the soft tissues, appropriate flap thickness, design and tension are key elements to achieve a successful surgical outcome. These factors deserve special attention during the surgical intervention. Despite fulfilling these critical requirements, soft and/or hard tissue deficiencies due to improper therapies or clinical conditions will create some difficult tasks for the clinician on the way to excellence. Appropriate surgical techniques bring not only the successful outcomes, but also ease proper prosthetic procedures. Therefore, healthy soft tissue interface and tooth-resembling emergence must be created by provisionalization and is of utmost importance when the aesthetic outcome is the primary concern.

In this presentation, critical elements and new perspectives of reconstructive peri-implant therapy will be discussed.

09:00-09:30 Reception
09:30-12:15 Part I Theory
12:15-13:15 Lunch break
13:15-17:00 Part 2 Hands-on on pig-jaws


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