27 Apr 2023

27 Apr 2023 | Barcelona

Corporate Forum: Shell technique 2.0 with allografts – taking it to the next level

in the framework of the International Osteology Symposium

Time: 15.00-15.30

The patient’s desire for procedures with less morbidity has given biomaterials an enormous share in the field of augmentation in the last years. How can the shell technique be further developed, is it possible to improve it? Where are the limits of allogeneic bone plates? Does the combination of different approaches just replace another approach or does it even improve the augmentative result?
In this lecture Dr. Tunkel will illustrate different therapeutic modalities concerning safety, feasibility, complication frequency and outcome prognosis. The focus will be the replacement of autologous bone harvesting procedures by using allogeneic materials as well as by combining various augmentative options (membranes, bovine and allogeneic bone substitutes, allogeneic cortical bone plates) in different clinical situations.
The combination of allogeneic bone struts with a secondary GBR during the implantation called augmentative relining might be an option to treat small but also extensive defects successfully and therefore avoid intraoral bone harvesting procedures and even hip grafting.


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