Double layer magnesium membrane shield technique for buccal wall reconstruction

Dr. Akiva Elad

The patient was a 68-year-old male in good general health condition. The patient presented with tooth 25 with root canal treatment, crown destroyed at the tissue level and a vertical root fracture with associated severe bone loss including loss of buccal plate. The palatal plate remained intact.

After the non-traumatic extraction of tooth 25, the magnesium membrane double layer shield technique was performed (Elad et al. 2023), using NOVAMag® membrane to rebuild the buccal wall. The defect was filled with maxgraft® (allogenic granules). A Jason® membrane (pericardium collagen membrane) was placed over the top of the augmentation and the flaps were sutured.

A magnesium membrane was used because it is mechanically strong and malleable yet completely resorbable. To provide additional mechanical strength for supporting the defect space, the membrane was bent into a double layer.

Four months post operatively, there was a good regeneration of bone within the defect including a fully regenerated cortical buccal plate. The implant was stable and there was a good healing of the soft tissues.

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