Simultaneous buccal and palatal alveolar ridge reconstruction using biodegradable magnesium membrane shield technique

Dr. Akiva Elad

The patient was a 65-year-old female in good general health condition. She presented with tooth 24, root canal treatment, post, core build up, and an old porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown. A vertical root fracture was present with an associated severe bone loss, including loss of both buccal and palatal plates.

After the non-traumatic extraction of tooth 24, the magnesium membrane shield technique was performed (Elad et al. 2023) using NOVAMag® membrane, aiming to rebuild both buccal and palatal plates. Due to the mechanical stability of the membrane, it can be easily inserted and put in position. The defect was filled with maxgraft® (allogenic bone) and Jason® membrane (pericardium collagen membrane) placed over the top of the augmentation and the flaps were sutured.

Being mechanically strong but malleable, and completely resorbable, the magnesium membrane was easily adapted to the contours of the defect during surgery and did not have to be removed in a second stage surgery.

Four months post operatively, regenerated bone was present, including fully regenerated cortical and palatal plates. The implant was stable and there was a good healing of the soft tissues.

NOVAMag®, the world’s first product line of bioresorbable magnesium for oral regeneration, and how its unique mechanical and biological properties enable minimally invasive approaches for complex treatments. More information at