Efficacy and volume stability of maxgraft® bonebuilder – retrospective radiographic evaluation
Blume O, Back M, Dinya E, Palkovics D, Windisch P. Clin Oral Investig. 2023;27(7):3927-3935. Published 2023 Apr 14. doi: 10.1007/s00784-023-05015-0

Original title: Efficacy and volume stability of a customized allogeneic bone block for the reconstruction of advanced alveolar ridge deficiencies at the anterior maxillary region: a retrospective radiographic evaluation

This retrospective study investigates the performance of maxgraft® bonebuilder in terms of volumetric hard tissue gain and resorption rate for the augmentation of severe alveolar ridge defects in the anterior maxillary region.


The aim of this retrospective case series was to evaluate the efficacy and volume stability of a customized allogeneic bone block (maxgraft® bonebuilder) for the hard tissue reconstruction of severely atrophied anterior maxillary ridges.


Hard tissue alterations between baseline (T1), 2-month follow-up (T2), and 6-month follow-up (T3) cone-beam computed tomography scans were evaluated with semi-automatic segmentation. Following automatic spatial alignment of the datasets, 3D subtraction analysis was performed. The volume stability of the inserted allogeneic bone block was determined on the basis of the ratio of the T3 and T2 hard tissue volumes.


The newly formed hard tissue volume at T2 averaged at 0.75 cm3 ± 0.57 cm3, whereas at T3, an average of 0.52 cm3 ± 0.42 cm3 volumetric hard tissue gain could be detected. The T3/T2 ratio was found to be 67.83% ± 18.72% on average. The dice similarity coefficient between the T2 and T3 hard tissue models averaged at 0.73 ± 0.15.


The study has shown the suitability of the cancellous customized allogenic bone blocks (maxgraft® bonebuilder) for the reconstruction of severely atrophied alveolar ridges. The resorption rates of the maxgraft® bonebuilder were shown to be similar to those found in the literature. The successful outcomes shown in this study were attributed predominantly to the high-precision CAD/CAM of the maxgraft® bonebuilder as well as to the tension-free covering of the graft.

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