GBR using magnesium membrane: literature review and case report

Original Titel: Guided Bone Regeneration Using a Novel Magnesium Membrane: A Literature Review and a Report of Two Cases in Humans
Blašković M, Butorac Prpić I, Blašković D, Rider P, Tomas M, Čandrlić S, Botond Funct Biomater. 2023 Jun 1;14(6):307. doi: 10.3390/jfb14060307.

To overcome the limitations of commonly used GBR membranes and fixation systems, the NOVAMag® product line has been recently introduced, consisting of resorbable magnesium membranes and fixation screws.
The literature review in this article summarized that products of magnesium metal have many advantageous properties, such as mechanical strength, biocompatibility, degradability, and the fact that it is composed of trace elements that are already present within the human body.
Overall, the cases supported the results of the literature search, as each case demonstrated satisfactory results in terms of clinical and radiological outcomes for augmentations with either delayed or immediate implant placement.


Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a common procedure used to rebuild dimensional changes in the alveolar ridge that occur after extraction. In GBR, membranes are used to separate the bone defect from the underlying soft tissue. A literature search was performed via MEDLINE, Scopus, Web of Science and PubMed in February 2023 for research on magnesium barrier membranes. Of the 78 records reviewed, 16 studies met the inclusion criteria and were analyzed. In addition, this paper reports two cases where GBR was performed using a magnesium membrane and magnesium fixation system with immediate and delayed implant placement. No adverse reactions to the biomaterials were detected, and the membrane was completely resorbed after healing. The resorbable fixation screws used in both cases held the membranes in place during bone formation and were completely resorbed. Therefore, the pure magnesium membrane and magnesium fixation screws were found to be excellent biomaterials for GBR, which supports the findings of the literature review.

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