CASE OF THE MONTH     |   05/2024

Immediate implant placement with Shield technique at the aesthetic area
Dr. Massimo Frosecchi

This clinical case represents a three-dimensional bone regeneration of an atrophic tooth in the aesthetic region. The hopeless tooth was extracted and immediate implant placement was performed. Initially, the implant was placed and the novel NOVAMag® membrane was applied to regenerate the missing buccal bone wall. The fully resorbable magnesium membrane was cut to fit the morphology of the defect and was placed between the periosteum and the bone without fixation. In order to augment the bone around the implant, cerabone® was applied and the wound was primary closed. The clinical situation after 6 months shows satisfying results – very stable bone and soft tissue conditions.

The „Case Of The Month“ highlights every month a clinical case, which distinguished itself by the clinical results or the treatment concept in combination with the applied botiss biomaterials. The selection of the case is based on content relevance and quality of the documentation.