Update on maxgraft® cortico: Shell technique reloaded – WEBINAR

Jan Kielhorn

In this webinar Jan Kielhorn will address the maturation of bone after the 3D-regeneration with allogenic cortical plates and particles including CBCT and histological data.

For many clinicians, the use of autogenous bone is still the gold standard in bone augmentation due to the number of viable cells, osteoinductive factors and the osteoconductivity of native bone particles. The drawbacks are risk of donorside morbidity which is closely associated with the harvesting side and technique and increased chairtime due to the harvesting procedure and the manual adjustments necessary.

In line of reduced invasiveness for the patient and predictable amounts of augmentation material, a variety of substitute materials have been developed, with maxgraft® allografts mimicking closest the patients`own bone.

Especially for the modified shell technique, all the surgical skills obtained from using autologous bone can be translated into performing natural bone regeneration with maxgraft® cortico and maxgraft® granules. The present webinar will address the mid-term maturation of the regenerated areas and provide physiological details of the remodeling process based on histological evaluations.