16 Sep – 17 Sep 2022

16 Sep – 17 Sep 2022 | Bucharest

6th European Scientific Meeting

16th Sept. 2022 I 12:00 – 17:00

Workshop Dr. Marius Steigmann: Flap Design For Vertical Augmentation In The Mandible And Maxilla

Over the years we have realized that specific skills in handling tissues are the priority in implant therapy, adjusting soft tissue handling to the specific anatomy and biotype of each patient. For this reason, the courses at Steigmann Institute focus on teaching these specific, valid techniques during surgery and prosthetics in a unique comprehensive way. Hands-on on human-like tissue helps incorporate an up-to-date scientific based surgical approach into daily practice. Finding out there is a need for a more structured approach in learning about the soft tissue, Dr. Steigmann has endeavored to share his expertise on the whole range of soft tissue management for every location in the oral cavity. Vertical bone loss represents a major surgical challenge in the implant treatment of the posterior mandible, due to anatomical factors and technical difficulties. For this reason, special techniques are necessary for the lingual, buccal and palatal flap management. A proper management of the soft tissues is a crucial point for the success of this kind of regenerative procedure.

17th Sept. 2022 I 15:00 – 15:30
Dr. Marius Steigmann: New aspects of soft tissue management for bone augmentation

In the new digital world very, little has been changed for the manipulation of the soft tissues. The planning of implant positioning, the amount of bone grafting and the delivery of the prosthetic work can be done digitally. However, the manipulation of the soft tissue for a for bone or tissue Augmentation have not being influenced. Still planning for guided bone regeneration and the amount of necessary soft tissue manipulation can be visualized Digitally. Still the lecture will focus on the analog execution of incision flap, design and suture in the aesthetic zone and the non-aesthetic zone, from concept to execution of new developments surgical technique for achieving predictable result. In these cases, soft tissue assessment before surgery is key for success.

17th Sept. 2022 I 15:30 – 16:00
Lecture Dr. Devorah
Schwartz-Arad: Posterior maxillary atrophy: Surgical treatment modalities

The partial edentulous posterior maxilla often requires bone reconstructive surgery for implants placement. Alveolar atrophy is a pathological condition characterized by moderate or severe resorption of alveolar bone due to teeth loss.
Alveolar bone resorption and the location of the maxillary sinus, make the posterior regions of the maxilla challenging to treat while using dental implants.
This lecture focuses on augmentation procedures with natural tissues, and biomaterials for vertical and horizontal bone augmentation to restore edentulous ridges with implant-supported prostheses successfully.
Bone-augmentation techniques proposed to increase bone volume in the posterior regions of the maxilla will be presented, including ridge preservation with Cerabone® covered with Collprotect® membrane, sinus augmentation procedure, and guided bone regeneration (GBR), onlay autologous block bone grafts (AOBG) for horizontal and vertical augmentation.

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