04 Apr – 06 Apr 2024

04 Apr – 06 Apr 2024 | Lisbon

ADVANCED MASTER COURSE: Soft Tissue Manipulation for Horizontal & Vertical Augmentation in Non-Aesthetic Zone

Different tissue biotype react differently to surgical trauma. For this reason, we have adjusted the surgical approach to the phenotype (tissue thickness) specific to each patient and location in the oral cavity.
Most of the complications in bone augmentation are due to soft tissue manipulation like: flap dehiscence, flap tension, flap necrosis, hematoma and swelling, lead to personalized soft tissue managements.
The Soft tissue phenotype/thickness dictates the way it is manipulated for high volume augmentation. Thick biotype can be managed in a classical manner. On the other side thin phenotype/thickness needs new surgical approaches with specific techniques / instruments. The course will describe step by step the gain of soft tissue for tension free closure even incases of reduced soft tissue thickness.

During the course, you will learn new incision flap designs and suturing techniques, perform various softtissue manipulation procedures such as PRI periosteal releasing incision , mucosal detachment , and many more techniques for the posterior maxilla.

Main topics that will be covered:

  • The Mucosal detachment – soft tissue manipulation for thin phenotype or high volume augmentation Soft tissue manipulation for horizontal bone grafting
  • Soft tissue manipulation for vertical bone grafting
  • Soft tissue tension free closure – step by step
  • Tension free flap adaptation – multiple options
  • The Mucosal detachment (soft tissue manipulation for thin Phenotype or high volume augmentation)
  • Suturing techniques with and against tension
  • Tension suture and reposition suture
  • Soft tissue manipulation for guided bone regeneration & implant placement
  • PPF – Periosteal Pocket Flap
  • VBF – Versatile Buccal Flap
  • Adequate soft tissue manipulation for thin and thick phenotype
  • Improve soft tissue thickness
  • Create keratinized gingival before and after bone augmentation/implant placement
  • Vertical bone augmentation – material, membrane, instruments
  • Bone augmentation in the maxilla – palatal sliding flap
  • Bone augmentation in the mandible PPF, VBF or Steipod

The program will begin with a didactic portion follow by hands-on exercises on pig jaws, providing participants with an opportunity to expand their knowledge and refine their surgical skills with surgical Instruments, that were developed by Dr. Steigmann.
By the end of the session, attendees will have gained valuable experience and confidence in their abilities, which they can then apply to their own practice.


Each 9:00 – 17:00

CE points



Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 21, piso 0, 1050-012, Lisboa

Fee: 3.350 €
+ 19% VAT

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