25 Apr 2019

25 Apr 2019 | Barcelona

Successful concepts for challenging hard and soft tissue defects

– Workshop at the Osteology Symposium

Thursday, 25. April: 09:00 – 12:30

Theoretical background:
Allogenic block grafts are being successfully used for 3D reconstruction in a variety of different bone defects. Key to success is meticulous soft tissue management, starting at planning of the incision line, mobilization but also subsequent soft tissue modification using collagen matrices. Technical and clinical considerations based on routine clinical use will be presented for bone grafting using the customized maxgraft® bonebuilder as well as soft tisse augmentation with mucoderm®.

Hands-on parts – techniques presented:
During the hands-on part flap preparation and suturing techniques will be demonstrated that enable tension-free soft tissue coverage after bone block augmentation.Vertical soft-tissue augmentation around implants as well as vestibuloplasty will be further adressed.

Model: pig jaw

Speakers: Michael Back and Oliver Blume

Language: English

Fee: 300 € incl. VAT
Note: To register for a Workshop, participants must first be registered for the Scientific Symposium. The workshop is limited to 30 participants.

If you have further questions, please contact:
Registration Office – Publi Créations
74, Boulevard d’Italie, MC-98000 Monaco
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