Ho Chi Minh

11 Jun 2023
Nenad Tanaskovic
Dr. Nenad Tanaskovic
Bosnia and Herzegovina

11 Jun 2023 | Ho Chi Minh

botiss academy Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh


09:00-10:30 Dr. Serhat Aslan — Hard and soft tissue reconstruction around teeth
10:30-10:45 Tea break
10:45-12:15 Dr. Serhat Aslan — Hard and soft tissue reconstruction around implants
12:15-13:15 Lunchtime
13:15-14:30 Dr. Nenad Tanaskovic — Why do we really need alveolar ridge augmentation?
14:30-14:45 Tea break
14:45-16:15 Dr. Nenad Tanaskovic — Management of the implant site: From simple cases to complex situations
16:15-16:30 Tea break


16:30-18:00 Dr. Serhat Aslan — Hands-on training: Fundamentals of primary wound closure and biomaterial management & Dr. Nenad Tanaskovic — Hands-on training: Soft tissue and bone augmentation and when and how to combine them


Reconstructive periodontal and peri-implant surgery:
Established concepts and new ideas
Periodontal treatments involving cause-related therapy, resective and regenerative periodontal surgeries have been well-documented over the last 30 years. In the era of aesthetics, clinicians are seeking for optimal results by avoiding invasive treatments. Recent developments in regenerative techniques and adoption of microsurgery in periodontal and peri-implant tissue reconstruction minimize the tissue trauma/loss, and this led to an increase in the expectations of the patients. However, the clinical excellence does not only depend on the clinical skills or practice settings. Treatment outcome is influenced by combination of many factors. For clinical success, treatment steps and protocols should be embraced by patient and clinician. The requirements for periodontal/peri-implant tissue reconstruction and health will be discussed in details.


Why do we really need alveolar ridge augmentation?
Edentulism is an important public health issue, presenting a strong negative impact on the patients’ quality of life, expressed by the loss of functional abilities, as mastication and phonation, as well as nutritional, aesthetic and psychological losses, with direct influence in the reduction of self-esteem and social integration. Treatment with implants as well as augmentation techniques have made it possible for the dentist to carry out multiple rehabilitation of the patient and not just the replacement of a missing tooth. This complete regeneration determines the way in which we will place the implants and which reconstructive technique we will use. In the lecture, we will analyze the principles for successful augmentation and implantation and the errors that occur when these principles are not taken into consideration.

Management of implant site: From simple cases to complex situations
A deficient alveolar ridge can be re-established via different bone augmentation procedures. Whether via guided bone regeneration (GBR) principles, autogenous bone block transplantation, or any other innovative techniques, these surgical modalities show stable peri-implant osseous housing as the original native bone. Bone augmentation procedures should be based on meticulous surgical protocol, establishing biomaterial stability, managing careful soft tissue coverage, and understanding the wound healing cascades. The lecture will show the application of different augmentation materials, different techniques, as well as the application of their combinations in practice.

Soft tissue and bone augmentation and when and how to combine them
During the work on the models, the participants will be able to get acquainted with different materials, their application, and ways to ensure the best possible clinical result. Both bone and soft tissue augmentation techniques and possible manipulation of these materials will be presented.

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Lecture fee: 1.000.000 VND for a full-day lecture
Workshop fee: 1.000.000 VND per workshop

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