18 Sep – 20 Sep 2014

18 Sep – 20 Sep 2014 | Berlin

bone & tissue days World Congress Berlin 2014
Speaker 2014:
Sofia Aroca, Michael Back, Nabil Barakat, Georg Bayer, Fred Bergmann, Stephan Beuer, Oliver Blume, Gianluigi Caccianiga, Raul Caffesse, Luigi Canullo, Krysztof Chmielewsk, Olaf Daum, David Dohan Ehrenfest, Nikos Donos, Vittorio  Farina, Pablo Galindo-Moreno, Bernhard Giesenhagen, José Luis Calvo Guirado, Stefan Hägewald, Santiago Arias Herrera, Fabian Hirsch, Howard Gluckman, Michele Jacotti, Damir Jelusič, Adrian Kasaj, Arash Kojasteh, Georges Khoury, Jan Kielhorn, Mario Kirste, Frank Kistler, Eberhard Kowatsch, Markus Laub, Pedro Lazaro, Henriette Lerner, Vincenzo Mirisola, Andrea Mombelli, Yasushi Nakajima, Takatsuna Nakamura, Stavros Pelekanos, Peter Randelzhofer, Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya, Daniel Rothamel, Markus Schlee, Karl Andreas Schlegel, Anton Sculean, Derk Siebers, Ralf Smeets, Andreas Stavropoulos, Marius Steigmann, Michael Stiller, Nenad Tanaskovic, Kostas Valavanis, Meikel Vesper, Wilfried    Wagner, Hom-Lay Wang, Gernot Wimmer, Peter Windisch, Andrey Yarememko, Orcan Yüksel, Gregor-Georg Zafiropoulos, Barbara Zavan, Hans Florian Zeilhofer, Holger Zipprich


After the success of regional bone & tissue days in Bangkok, Istanbul, Budapest, Madrid and Cape Town under 2013, botiss biomaterials has organized its second bone & tissue days / World Congress in its hometown Berlin.

Between 18 and 20 September 2014, more than 800 international participants joined the bone & tissue days / World Congress at the InterContinental Hotel in Berlin. 65 international leading speakers from universities as well as established practices lectured on new innovative technologies, treatment- and therapy concepts of bone and soft tissue regeneration and lead workshops and practical exercises.

The members of the scientific and clinical board, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Hans Florian Zeilhofer (University Basel) and Dr. Anton Sculean (University Bern) gave a warm welcome to the international audience and opened the congress for all participants. With regard to the topic periodontology, PD Dr. Adrian Kasaj gave a lecture about “Management of gingival recessions by the use of soft tissue substitutes”. Furthermore Dr. Marius Steigmann presented new flap designs and specific suturing techniques to improve soft tissue management. With Dr. Steigmann´s famous saying “think twice”, he explained that today you should not only consider the bone but also the soft tissue.
After a successful congress with 65 international renowned speakers, the Friday night was used to celebrate the successful congress days at the “Umspannwerk Kreuzberg”. The guests enjoyed themselves with Apéro riche and a live-band until late at night.


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